Our Baby

Five girls. One guy. And a baby. That's my home. The baby is my friend's baby, but she has become everybody's baby. I'd never known this cute little thing would enrich my Taiwan experience.

She is just four months old. She can not talk, she can not walk. I'm not even sure she can recognize faces. She doesn't understand our language, she has her own. Her movement is limited, she can not stand by her own feet, can not sit straight by herself. Her being around is limited to where other take her.

If only she could understand what the people are talking about now, she might become a little big-headed, because everyday all she heard was "Oh, how beautiful,"
"Ni hen khe ai," "Lucu banget," or "Cakep banget.," which all mean the same. All are the words that express others fascination toward her. Yes, she is the cutest little thing 've ever seen.

A long time now since the last time I've ever been in close contact with a baby. Now I can see her everyday. I can touch her. I can feel the softest of the skin. I can see that innocent smile. She can even make some funny sounds. Before, all she could do was crying. Now she has made a little revolution from crying to screaming, or just making some meaningless sounds, in order to have what she wanted, or she just might want to communicate with others.

Everybody loves her. When they were away from home, they missed her. Close their eyes, they even had the baby's face in their mind. The baby has become their routine, and yet they'd never get tired of it. When they called home, they asked how the baby was doing, was she sleeping, what was she doing. The baby gave them something to talk about, and there were always things to laugh about. When they came home, checking the baby was usually the first thing they did. Even if they were busy they could not ignore the baby. She is just so beautiful and irresistible.

Sometimes I wonder why we were so crazy about this little thing. Maybe because she's so small, helpless and dependent. She represent everything that we are not. Or simply because she's just so lovable. Because she's a baby.


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