2005: Looking back

- Move to apartment
- Learn to swim
- Start to write my own novel (which is never complete :P)
- Researching and reading vastly for my dear novel (which is never complete :P)
- Try to trade things, doing business, learning, make mistakes, losing money, stressful days.
- And back to work in office.

2006: Hoping

- Have a salary rise
- Have a better life quality, healthier and saner.
- Reading and hang out with those writer and writer-wannabes :D
- Complete my first novel? (Kok gak pede gini?)
- Become more mature and not complain a lot
- Lebih santai dalam menghadapi hidup ini
- Get married? (:O :O :O :O Hahahahaha)
- Travelling aboard again (this sounds more like it :P)


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