I miss Ximending

Melanjutkan tulisan yang tadi, sambil dengerin ICRT (www.icrt.com.tw) karena gua pengen denger lagu Natal tapi gak punya mp3 lagu Natal, sementara gua pengen mendapatkan sedikit suasana Natal, eh gua dibawa kembali merasakan suasana Taipei. And right now, I really miss Taipei. I miss Ximending. I miss winter time. I miss speaking chinese. I miss Chinese people and their ugly behavior. I miss it all.

And mostly, I miss my room at 5th Floor in the crowded area of Xi men. Where I can just go down and there's McDonald's at the corner of the road. And sorrounding my house are stores, fashion stores, any antique stores, the area is one of tourist area. I miss the convenience, and
especially the convenience of transportation, where I can do a lot in one day. Not like in Jakarta, where a lot of time has wasted in the road, and I don't have time anymore to read.

Yes, to read. When is the last time I read? Arrive at home I'm already tired because of the long drive. Well, am I complaining again? No.. I don't mean to complain. Just want to say how much I miss my days at Xi men. Hehehe. I don't want to be a big complainer like I'm beginning to be. That will be one of my New Year Resolution because people close to me begin to not be able to stand me. :P

Well, got to go now.


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