We are the consultants!

Three days ago was my company’s third anniversary. Three years for a company is a very young age, just like a baby, can not do many things. But within three years, this company I just joined had done quite a lot, behind the leadership of my boss. My boss, he looked so happy recently, these couples of days. He was so proud of his achievement, within three years he has accomplished things that I know were part of his dreams since long time ago. I might just join his company, but I worked with him before at other company and have been friend with him ever since. During the celebration of the anniversary, I can see that he looked so touched all the times. Nobody else in the room I can see portraying the same level of emotion. We all went to a nice restaurant in Senayan area and have a good time. I am new, so I can not feel the great joy of accomplishment of that who built from the beginning. But I’m happy for my boss and all of our team members.

In his speech, my boss told us, everybody in this company should be a consultant, because we are a consulting firm. Everyone should have skills and confidence required to become a good consultant. Everyone, in his/her own field should be able to deliver that kind of service to clients, not only as the maker of product and do as the client said, but to tell client what is the best for them.

My boss also told us to work heartily, don’t count your efforts, don’t think of yourself only as a worker of this company and don’t look only at the current condition. If you are working well, not only your boss will see it, your clients, your co-workers will also see it. Work to develop your skills and yourself, one day it will all pay off.

I agreed, and I should work really hard to achieve the ideal requirements of my job title. Sometimes I think I will have to try too hard, so hard, that this is actually, not for me.

I’m giving myself some times.


  1. Wah, ini kerja di perusahaan mana ya, jadi horny bergabung hahahaha.....pasti deh boss-nya cakep dan macho...penuh karisma...


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