although the light has not come
although the tide has not turn
although the clock has not tick
although the angel has not arrive
it seems so dark
but don't lose hope.
Because I'll continue praying.
I will pray to God to have mercy
to punish no more than we able to bear
to send you an angel
a truly good soul in the world

and when he arrive
tell us how to know
teach us how to tell
from the beautiful -skinned snake
who pretend they care but in behind
try to take advantage out lof our misery.

i believe the tide will soon to turn
i believe the clock can't wait to tick
i believe there is reason behind all of these

maybe one day when you were successful and
live a wonderful life; you will always remember it
wasn't come easy
and now when you look at rich people and beautiful
houses, deep in side your heart you know they might
have suffered before.
they may have survived the tide
and you will learn to appreciate a lot of things
you will learn fear

i believe the day will come to you.
i hope it won't be long.


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