A Beautiful Atjeh Morning

This is the second time I've been to Aceh. Aceh now, is no longer about tsunami. Tsunami no longer heard in Aceh. No longer smelled. No longer seen.

There's so many reasons to love Aceh. Why I love to be back to Aceh, I'd tried to find the reasons.

Aceh is a real beautiful land. See the picture below. Hopefully you can see what I see and feel what I feel. If you land in Jakarta for instance, you could not see a breath-taking view like this. Mountanous and very-green.

Aceh now is about this:

Beautiful morning spent in one of the nice hotels in Banda Aceh. Coffee, newspaper, and nice meal. The hotel is new, beautiful, simple, nice, and warm. The service is also excellent, not like other small cities standard of services.

Aceh is real serious about their development. People are working hard. And picture below showing Aceh government is doing training in one of the tenth they used as office.


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