Short Surabaya 2008

When was the last time you do something crazy?

I haven't done it for quite a long time. It's time to do it again. So I decided to go to Surabaya out of the sudden, to visit a best friend from the past. It was a very short weekend getaway considering the distance. It was expensive, but it’s OK. I got what I hoped to get. I was inspired.

I brought camera but took only several photos. Surabaya for me is very much like Jakarta. I felt like being inside the shadow of Jakarta. The city doesn’t have much strong identity. Probably the should make more statues of shark and crocodile, which is where the name Surabaya comes from. Sura means shark and baya means crocodile. Or make more statues of Indonesian heroes as Surabaya also well known as the city of heroes.

The several photos I took mostly taken in Surabaya airport, because I was amazed by it. It’s cleaner, more modern, brighter, and has international qualities that enough to make Sukarno-Hatta airport feel ashamed. Especially when it comes to toilet division. The outer part of the airport reminds me of Penang airport di Malaysia and the inside (passengers only) reminds me of Siam Reap airport in Cambodia.

I just sent an sms to my friend and told her I wanted to go to Surabaya this weekend, and she directly replied: “Okay, I will pick you up at the airport.” It’s comforting to have friends.


  1. Ce, jadinya nginep di mana? Mercure? Makan apa aja di Sby?


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